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Robot Wader

is a new concept in the world of the event, combining performance, innovation and performance. These Robots Waders / dancers, equipped with stilts, take you at your parties or events in a futuristic world. Wader robot, currently has numerous benefits for global event-night club, evening events, birthdays, restaurants … we also work in the field of marketing and communication street flyer, advertising, photojournalism / video, concert artist, DJ, television show . EQUIPMENT * Robot LED wader 2M50 high, equipped with robotic parts, visor mirrors and LED last generation. * Robot Wader latest model range 2012 wader 2M50 equipped with robotic parts, visor mirrors and LED. Our Robot Wader are each equipped with « Lazer Guns » to ensure visual show, as well as « CO2 gun » to energize your customers and ensure even greater spectacle. REFERENCE You also made ​​of the professionals who trust Robot Wader. Wader robot will be your new technological concept to

electrify your EVENTS!